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Latest software versions for your interface language

The latest version of the Lex software is: 2.0.4 Release Date: 2016-03-17

The latest version of the Readit software is: 4.0.4 Release Date: 2016-03-16

The latest version of the ReadEasy software is: 5.0.3 Release Date: 2015-12-09

The latest version of the ReadEasy Evolve software is: 6.4.0 Release Date: 2020-12-17

The latest version of the Helix HD software is: 1.0.5 Release Date: 2020-03-19

Due to new software versions containing new items requiring translation, languages other than English will always follow a short while after each major release and will be incorporated in minor revisions, as soon as the translations are completed.

Interface Language Lex Readit ReadEasy
Czech Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Danish Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Dutch (Belgian) Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
English (UK) 1.6.x 3.6.x 4.6.x
English (US) 1.6.x 3.6.x 4.6.x
Finnish Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
French Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
German Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Greek Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Italian Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Korean Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Norwegian (Bokmal) 1.6.x 3.6.x 4.6.x
Polish Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Portuguese Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Portuguese (Brazilian) Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Russian Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Spanish Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x
Swedish Coming soon 3.6.x 4.6.x

Please note: Version does not affect Lex, Readit or ReadEasy's ability to recognise and read different languages - all versions support all languages, as detailed on our Voice Packs page - this list is purely to show which languages have full menu translations. Any languages that say 'coming soon' have been translated on the internet rather than through a distributor.

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