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An angled view of the Readit Keypad

Readit Wireless Keypad - Lightweight, compact, tactile, wireless keypad which helps increase productivity

What is the Readit Wireless Keypad?

The Readit Wireless Keypad is a compact and lightweight tactile keypad designed to add increased functionality and ease of use when used with the Readit software and / or the ZEN, ZEN MAX, Air or Scholar HD.

Who is the Readit Wireless Keypad for?

The Readit Wireless Keypad is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their experience and increase efficiency when using the Readit software.

Readit Wireless Keypad key features

An angled view of the Readit Keypad

It provides users several major benefits including:

  • Increased productivity
    The keypad provides advanced functionality, allowing users to control the software and perform background tasks even if the application is not in focus. This can greatly improve productivity and allow for a seamless multi-tasking experience. For example, you can capture and begin listening to and seeing a document whilst you're writing notes on it in Microsoft Word, all without leaving Microsoft Word!
  • Enhanced ease of use
    Users may prefer having a dedicated keypad to provide direct access to all of the most commonly used features. This can be especially useful for those who frequently use specific functions or prefer a more tactile experience
  • Compact footprint: It has a small footprint of 175mm x 125mm (6.8 x 4.9 inches); the Readit Keypad will fit on the busiest of desks
  • Lightweight: Readit Keypad weighs just 260 grams (0.6 lbs) making it easy to store and carry
  • Magnetic overlay: Simplifies additional functions for those that would like some additional features
  • Long battery life: Included AAA batteries last up to 5 years

Readit Wireless Keypad Functions