Portable camera reading systems

New features for v5.2

Automatic updates have been added

Support for High refresh-rate displays

Added automatic online error reporting

Improved compatibility for scanners

Support for documents over 1000 pages long

Crop to document for faster processing

Supports wireless Bluetooth Control Pad

New features for v5.0

Improved performance

Improved performance in both recognition and better video quality and performance with the Scholar HD Camera

Update OCR Engine to version 21

OCR Engine has updated to version 21 for clearer text recognition.

New features for v4.0

Asian page straightning enabled

Asian page straigning is enabled for documents with Asian text.

Update OCR Engine to version 19

OCR Engine has updated to version 19 for clearer text recognition.

New features for v3.6

Single language detection

Single Language detection is added meaning documents in multiple languages can be read in one whole language.

New features for v3.2

Flatbed scanner support

Flatbed scanner support

Users with WIA compatible scanners can now use them to acquire images directly into the Readit software.

Background scanning is also supported meaning you can listen to your document whilst scanning additional pages in the background.

New features for v3.1

Some headline new features for the latest version of Readit include:

Readit's crop-to-text icon.

Crop to text

When capturing or scanning a document, Readit now has the ability to remove the additional area outside of your main document (background permitting) which means it stores only the information you need it to. This can also improve the quality of exported Microsoft Word documents.

Readit's pause on link breaks icon.

Pause on line breaks

To help break up the reading of your documents, Readit now features the ability to automatically pause at the end of every line. This is especially useful when reading lists and tables.

Icon for Readit's variable line, word and character spacing.

Line, word and character spacing

The spacing options for text have now been enhanced to include word and characters adjustments as well as line spacing. This means users can perfectly tweak the layout of the recognised text within their documents to precisely suit their visual preferences.

Icon for Readit's original page orientation.

Original page orientation

For blind users, Readit now allows you to hear the original orientation of your page. This is extremely useful if you need to file things away or simply want to make sure you have a book the right way round!

Icon for Readit's dedicated keypad.

Support for new Readit keypad

We have now developed a specially designed custom keypad for Readit products that has two major advantages:

  1. Ease of use: The most commonly used controls have their own dedicated, custom shaped and sized tactile button, so you don't have to remember any shortcut keys at all if you don't want to.
  2. Productivity: Readit's keypad has been specially designed to enhance its background reading functionality. Have Microsoft Word open and in focus and as you type into your document, you can be controlling the reading of your document in Readit or even capturing a new page, all without having to change focus.

Readit Features

Readit allows low vision and blind users of all abilities to read their documents faster and more easily than ever before. Lex's camera icon for aquiring documents.

Import / acquire images quickly and easily

Quickly import practically any document on your PC or Mac*, either directly through Windows Explorer or "File" -> "Import" in the menu.

Easy to use

The Readit software has been designed to be as simple to operate as possible - with just a few keystrokes you perform all the main functions. The adjustable size, easy access toolbars, with clear, colourful icons give instant access to all the main controls.

One of Lex's easy access toolbars.
Lex's speech icon.

Speech output of documents

Readit can instantly begin reading your document out loud at any point with a simple double-left click on your desired starting point. For many users, the speech output combined with the enhanced visualisations of the document make reading far easier.

Icon for Lex's advanced reading visualisations.

Enhanced visualisations for reading

Readit features a total of 8 different colour enhanced or re-formatted modes to ensure the user can find the exact reading style that best suits their needs. These are:

Icon for Lex's image visualisation.

1) Image View

This shows the original image of the document that can then be altered and enhanced. Image mode is most commonly used when a user has hand written documents where Readit is unable to recognise the handwriting so that it can be re-formatted. It's also ideal for looking at purely photographic documents. Image view contains four modes:

Icon for Lex's colour mode.

a) Colour

This is the original representation of the document where users can adjust the image saturation to enhance their document.

Lex displaying a document in image view in full colour mode.
Icon for Lex's enhanced greyscale mode.

b) Enhanced Greyscale

This replaces the colours of the document with your chosen two colour combination. For users who prefer reading text in a particular colour combination, this will likely be of benefit to them.

Lex displaying a document in image view with greyscale mode enabled which can help users with dyslexia read the document.
Icon for Lex's enhanced greyscale mode.

c) Binary

A variation on Enhanced Greyscale mode, Binary can help to bring out the user's document in their chosen two colour combination even if the document contains coloured backgrounds with similarly coloured text on top of them.

Lex displaying a document in image view with binary mode enabled which can help users with dyslexia read the document.
Icon for Lex's overlay visualisation.

2) Overlay View

This unique mode allows you to retain your document layout and full colour images whilst fully enhancing the text. You can simply click on a word to start Readit reading your document to you from that point.

Lex displaying a document in overlay view which preserves the layout of the document but enhances all text, making it easier for users with dyslexia to read the document.
Icon for Lex's column visualisation.

3) Column View

This view automatically wraps text across the screen depending on the user's chosen magnification level. The document can then be scrolled and read vertically.

Lex displaying a document in column view which automatically wraps text across the screen depending on the user's chosen magnification level.
Icon for Lex's horizontal visualisation.

4) Horizontal View

This view stretches all of your document's text into a single line, reducing potential confusion and interference that can be caused by multiple lines of text.

Lex displaying a document in horizontal view which presents a single line of text across the middle of the screen.
Icon for Lex's vertical visualisation.

5) Vertical View

This view centres a single word on each line which can then be scrolled vertically. For certain users this can greatly increase their reading speed and comprehension.

Lex displaying a document in vertical view which presents one word of text on each line, down the middle of the screen.
Icon for Lex's word visualisation.

6) Word View

This displays one word of text on screen at a time, in the middle. This view can be ideal for younger users or users with certain levels of dyslexia.

Lex displaying a document in word view which presents one word of text on screen at a time, in the middle of the screen.
Lex's next and previous screen icons.

Instant Next and Previous Screen reading

Next and Previous screen allows instant navigation around your document one screen of text at a time with no scrolling or blurring of text. Just read what's on the screen and press the next screen button. No scrolling of text means less eye strain and faster and more comfortable reading!

Lex's text highlighting icon.

Text highlighting

Three customisable text highlights are present- underline, rectangle and inverse.

Lex's underline highlighting mode. Lex's rectangle highlighting mode. Lex's inverse highlighting mode.
Lex's bookmark icon.

Bookmark documents

Place bookmarks in your documents to be able to navigate back to them immediately (e.g. for chapter headings in books).

Lex's find text icon.

Text search

Powerful text search functionality lets you navigate straight to any word or phrase in a document, saving time.

Lex's edit pages icon.

Edit Pages

Made a mistake in your document? Simply remove the page, re-order it, rotate it, re-recognise it or delete it with a simple to use "Pages" dialog.

Multiple Language Support with Auto Language Switching

Readit is the first specialist low vision / blindness software to feature full automatic language detection. It is highly intelligent and allows sentence-by-sentence switching making it the perfect tool for learning and reading in multiple languages.

Readit ships with five voice packs as standard. Additional Voice Packs can be trialled free of charge for 30 days and then easily activated once purchased from your local distributor.

Please see the table below for the full list of supported languages:

If the sample below says 'Not Supported', please update your browser or use Chrome or Firefox.

Voice Pack Recognition Language Auto Language Switching Voice Name (Gender) Dialect (if present) Voice Sample
Catalan Catalan Yes Nurian (Female)
Czech Czech Yes Zuzana (Female)
Danish Danish Yes Ida (Female)
Dutch Belgian Dutch
Yes Claire (Female) Belgian
Xander (Male) Dutch
Ellen (Female) Dutch
English English Yes Daniel (Male) British
Serena (Female) British
Sangeeta (Female) British Indian
Jill (Female) American
Samantha (Female) American
Tom (Male) American
Karen (Female) Australian
Lee (Male) Australian
Tessa (Female) South African
Finnish Finnish Yes Mikko (Male)
French French Yes Felix (Male) Canadian
Julie (Female) Canadian
Thomas (Male) French
Virginie (Female) French
Gaelic Irish
Scottish Gaelic
No None available
None available
None available
German German Yes Anna (Female)
Steffi (Female)
Yannick (Male)
Greek Greek Yes Alexandros (Male)
Hungarian Hungarian Yes Eszter (Female)
Italian Italian Yes Paolo (Male)
Silvia (Female)
Norwegian Norwegian Yes Stine (Female)
Polish Polish Yes Agata (Female)
Portuguese Portuguese
Brazilian Portuguese
Yes Joana (Female) Portuguese
Raquel (Female) Brazilian
Romanian Romanian No Simona (Female)
Russian Russian Yes Milena (Female)
Slovak Slovak No Laura (Female)
Spanish Spanish Yes Javier (Male) Mexican
Paulina (Female) Mexican
Diego (Male) Spanish
Monica (Female) Spanish
Swedish Swedish Yes Alva (Female)
Oskar (Male)
Turkish Turkish Yes Aylin (Female)
Readit's pinch and stretch icon.

Windows 7 multi-touch support

Featuring pinch and stretch zoom, press and hold document panning and double tap reading on a word, Readit can be even more intuitive to operate with a multi-touch enabled device running Microsoft Windows 10.

Readit's annotation icon.

Annotate documents

Readit's annotation feature allows users to quickly and easily add notes or comments to particular points in their document. This is ideal for creating revision notes to refer back to at a later date.

Readit's dictionary pages icon.

Dictionary lookup

Readit features an integrated dictionary to allow instant lookup of words with fully accessible definitions, (currently UK / US only).

Readit's speak punctuation icon.

Speak punctuation

For users needing to hear all punctuation being read aloud, they can instantly enable "Speak punctuation". All forms of punctuation are then fully verbalised. This is ideal for blind users needing to check punctuation of documents. Please note, this is for US and UK voices only at present.

Readit's pronunciation replacement icon.

Speech replacements

Easily correct the pronunciation of a word by editing it in the "Speech replacements" dialog. This is very useful for people and place names. The replacement dictionary can also be exported and imported to different computers.

Apple logo.

Full Mac OS X support

Mac users running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer, together with VMWare Fusion 4.0 or newer with Windows 10 can enjoy all of Readit's powerful features as if it were running natively on Mac!

Customisable size scrollbars

Readit's high contrast scollbars are now fully customisable in size making them even more accessible for low vision users.

Page information icon.

Document information

Readit now provides full visual and spoken page information such as the user's exact location, number of words, paragraphs, pages etc.

Affordable site licenses

For schools, colleges and universities of all sizes, VisionAid International offer exceptional value site licenses. Please ask your local distributor for details.