Portable camera reading systems

ReadEasy Move 2 reading cooking instructions on a food packet.

ReadEasy Move 2

What is the ReadEasy Move 2?

ReadEasy Move 2 is a portable machine that reads to you.

It translates any printed text into crystal clear speech within seconds. Letters, bank statements, books, recipes, product packaging etc. are all read with ease.

Who is the ReadEasy Move 2 for?

ReadEasy Move 2 is for anyone who needs quick, easy and accurate access to printed material.

The ReadEasy Move 2 has been specifically designed to be as simple as possible to set up and use. With its intuitive control system comprising just 6 buttons, it is ideal for users of all ages.

ReadEasy Move 2 could be the ideal system for you if you:

  • Are finding it difficult to read with a magnifying glass.
  • Would like to be more independent and be able to read your own documents (post, newspapers, bills etc).
  • Have a learning disability.
  • Find reading with a video magnifier too difficult because you can't fit enough characters on the screen to read at your desired speed.
  • Find the constant movement of text on video magnifiers' screens make you tired or nauseous.
  • Already have a reading machine but wish it was faster, more accurate and had more features, (available with additional feature packs).
  • Have a deteriorative eye condition and would like a system that is suitable both now and for the future.
  • Would like to be able to read in more than one place.
Image showing the versatility of ReadEasy Move 2 with it reading a plaster box, postage receipt, magazine, catalogue, tin of soup and vitamin tablet bottle.

What are the ReadEasy Move 2's benefits?

ReadEasy Move 2 features many benefits over other scanner and digital capture reading machines including:

  • Ease of use: ReadEasy Move 2 is so easy to use. A single button press is all it takes to start reading your document. The six tactile in built controls are all that are required to access ReadEasy Move 2's main features.
  • Accuracy: ReadEasy Move 2 uses the latest camera and recognition technology to ensure it is as accurate as possible, even on complicated newspaper layouts or items such as tins of food.
  • Quality of speech: Using the latest natural sounding voices, together with a custom designed, integrated, 6 watt RMS stereo speaker system, there is no better sounding reading machine.
  • Speed: ReadEasy Move 2 reads your document to you in as little as 2 seconds, which means less waiting.
  • Stylish and practical design: A stylish, all aluminium case together with a unique folding handle and magnetically detachable camera means the ReadEasy Move 2 1 fits anywhere in your home.
  • Footprint: Occupying just 195 x 80 mm, (7.6 x 3.1 inches), of table area, ReadEasy Move 2's footprint is 43% smaller than previous versions.
  • Weight: ReadEasy Move 2 is one of the world's lightest free standing reading machine at just 1.60 kg, (3.5 lbs), making it easy to take with you or pack away.
  • Versatility: Read almost any surface, flat or round. ReadEasy Move 2's camera allows it to capture deep into the spines of books without flattening them, as well as read 3D objects like tins.
  • Advanced features available: The Low Vision Touch Feature packs greatly increase the capabilities of ReadEasy Move 2 e.g. saving, importing, exporting, bookmarking documents and large print text output to a screen.