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ReadEasy Evolve MAX's Feature Pack

Image showing ReadEasy Evolve MAX with its optional Feature Pack, capturing various document types and outputting them onto its attached screen in clear, large print.

Advanced features available: The Keypad Feature Pack is available for both partially sighted and blind users. The Keypad Feature Pack is a tactile, wireless control pad for anyone who wishes to have additional functionality from their ReadEasy Evolve MAX.

It has a multi-year battery life from its 2 x AAA batteries and includes a magnetic simplifier cover reducing the accessible controls from 17 to 9. This simplifies the learning process. It magnetically attaches over the keypad so it can easily be removed or re-attached at any time.

The main reasons users wish to add the feature pack:

  • Continuous reading for books and longer documents
  • Saving and retrieving documents
  • Finer navigation control
  • Editing pages
  • Reading more than one language.

Users without a screen connected

  • Multi-page documents:
    • Allows uninterrupted reading of entire books and articles
    • Automatic multi-capture:
    • Fastest multi-capture:
      • Capture an entire 400 page novel in just 20 mins
    • PowerRead feature:
      • Enables immediate reading of multiple page documents - listen to the first page whilst capturing the rest.
  • Navigation control
    • Unique word dial: allows quick word-by-word navigation for rewinding or fast-forwarding of text if something was not heard or fully understood
    • Letter, sentence, paragraph and page navigation
  • Document Management:
    • Saving and retrieving: Save entire books (ReadEasy remembers your position automatically). Total storage of 10,000 + pages
    • Document import / export: Supports importing from and exporting to USB memory stick in many popular document formats
  • Page Management:
    • Re-order, delete and re-recognise pages (all without re-capturing)
    • Bookmarks - quickly refer back to particular sentence within a document
  • Help:
    • Dedicated button activates “Key Describer” mode. Press a button to find out what it does. Press it again to exit help and perform that button’s function.
    • 6 advanced text views: Image (original), Overlay (ideal for tables, diagrams etc.), Horizontal (popular view including those for users with Nystagmus), Vertical (useful for RP users), Word
    • Integrated Joystick: makes sliding documents around under the camera a thing of the past; read faster & more comfortably than with a video magnifier.
    • Document scrolling: Smooth continuous scrolling of documents
    • Touch screen support: Pinch to zoom, effortlessly pan around & tap on a word to start reading (with supported touch screen, not included).
    • Customisation: Ability for user to fully customise the cursor size, word and line spacing, highlighting etc. for their individual visual requirements
    • Continuous scrolling: For those that would prefer to read the text with their eyes, continuous scrolling allows them to read more comfortably, for longer periods, at higher magnification levels than with a video magnifier.
    • Help: Additional guidance available with on-screen help

The Keypad Feature Pack enables many additional useful features, such as reading long documents without interruption, capturing multi-page documents whilst listening to them being read, finer navigation control, saving, loading, bookmarking, importing (PDF, image, text) and exporting (PDF, Word, Image, MP3) of documents. A unique navigation dial on the control pad allows quick word-by-word navigation to rewind / fast-forward the text if something was not heard or fully understood. There is a dedicated ‘Help’ button with intuitive audio instructions.

ReadEasy Move 2's Keypad Feature Pack being shown without its included simplifying overlay and with it attached.

The Keypad adds the following main features:

Icon for ReadEasy's multiple page documents.

Add Pages (quick press)

Ideal if you wish to sit and read a chapter of a book uninterrupted, from start to finish. Simply press and release the append button to join pages on to your existing document. You can even quickly capture entire books to store for later reading.

Icon for ReadEasy's multiple page documents.

Multi Page Capture (Long press)

Ideal if you wish to sit and read a chapter of a book uninterrupted, from start to finish. Simply press and release the append button to join pages on to your existing document. You can even quickly capture entire books to store for later reading.

Icon for ReadEasy's automatic automatic multi-capture feature.


This function works in exactly the same way as ReadEasy Evolve MAX’s built in capture button. With a document under ReadEasy Evolve MAX, simply press and release the capture button, located in the bottom right corner of the keypad. This creates a new, single page document.

Icon for ReadEasy's automatic automatic page splitting feature.

Automatic splitting of book pages (facing pages)

If you're reading a novel, you can enable this feature which will automatically split the left and right pages of a book, helping you maintain the correct page numbers as you read.

Icon for ReadEasy's original orientation feature.

Original page orientation

An extremely useful feature for blind users, original page orientation lets you know exactly which way round the document was when you photographed it. This makes filing things away the correct way round much easier.

Icon for ReadEasy's save document feature.

Save / retrieve documents

With ReadEasy Evolve MAX’s integrated microphone you can either personally name each of your documents, or let it intelligently pick an automatic title from the first page of your document. To retrieve your documents, just navigate up and down them in a list and choose the one you want. ReadEasy Evolve MAX even remembers your reading position for you automatically, making it easy to resume from exactly where you stopped reading the last time.

Icon for ReadEasy's export document feature.

Export documents

ReadEasy Evolve MAX supports a wide range of export formats to USB memory stick. These include: Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), Open Document Format (ODF) plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF).

Icon for ReadEasy's import document feature.

Import documents

ReadEasy Evolve MAX currently supports two formats to import from a USB memory stick. These are: PDF and Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF). It is planned to increase the supported import formats.

Icon for ReadEasy's finer navigation control feature.

Finer navigation control

Navigate directly and instantly by page, paragraph, sentence and word (with spelling) with dedicated buttons for all of these functions.

Icon for ReadEasy's bookmarks feature.


Place bookmarks in your documents to be able to navigate between them immediately (e.g. for chapter headings in books).

Icon for ReadEasy's edit documents feature.

Edit pages

Made a mistake in your document? Simply remove the page, re-order it, rotate it, re-recognise it or delete it with a simple to use 'Pages' button.

Icon for ReadEasy's help feature.

Intuitive help

ReadEasy Evolve MAX features an excellent help system. At any point, you can simply press the dedicated 'Help' button (with a raised bump on it) to initiate help. ReadEasy Evolve MAX will then allow you to press any key on the keypad and it will describe to you what that button does. If that's the button you wish to use, just press it again and ReadEasy Evolve MAX automatically exits help and performs that button's function.

This feature means any user can teach themselves how to operate ReadEasy Evolve MAX!

Automatic language switching

With the Keypad Feature Pack and if additional languages have been purchased, ReadEasy Evolve MAX offers intelligent automatic language switching. All languages are installed on ReadEasy Evolve MAX at time of purchase and can be activated at any time, simply by photographing a coded sheet. With multi-languages enabled, ReadEasy Evolve MAX automatically switches the reading voice on a per sentence basis. This is an excellent feature for users who want to read in more than one language.


The Feature Pack also enables your ReadEasy Evolve MAX to display your documents in large print on any screen that you connect to it. You can then magnify and enhance them as well as hear them being read out loud to you. The integrated joystick on the control pad allows you to pan documents without you having to slide them around under the camera.

The unique ReadHere feature allows you to click or press on your chosen word to capture the text and start reading from that word. This feature eliminates the frustration of text always being read from the beginning.

Multi-touch support is also available when your ReadEasy Evolve MAX is connected to a compatible touch screen. This allows you to intuitively pan around your document, start and stop reading and zoom in and out, all with your fingers touching the screen and words directly.

The visual part of the Feature Pack adds the following main features:

Icon for ReadEasy's magnification control.

Magnification of your captured documents

ReadEasy Evolve MAX features crystal clear magnification of your captured documents up to almost any size. As they are re-generated at every size, they remain perfectly clear even at extremely small or extremely large sizes. The font can also be altered to one that is easier for the user to read.

Icon for ReadEasy's virutal X/Y mode.

Real-time magnification of objects or documents

ReadEasy Evolve MAX's high resolution camera allows documents and objects to be magnified in real time at up to 200x magnification, like a video magnifier. This can be useful for looking at something quickly like a phone number or address or for examining and magnifying 3D objects in real time.

Icon for Lex's advanced reading visualisations.

Enhanced visualisations for reading

ReadEasy Evolve MAX features a total of 48 different colour enhanced or re-formatted modes to ensure the user can find the exact reading style that best suits their needs.