Portable camera reading systems

ReadEasy Evolve reading cooking instructions on a food packet.

ReadEasy Evolve MAX

What is the ReadEasy Evolve MAX?

ReadEasy Evolve MAX is the world’s only portable standalone reading machine capable of capturing up to A3 (tabloid) sized documents, great for reading newspapers, larger books, magazines etc.

With the push of a single button the ReadEasy Evolve MAX photographs printed text & within seconds, begins reading it out loud. Letters, bank statements, books, recipes, product packaging etc. are all read with ease.

Who is the ReadEasy Evolve MAX for?

It is ideal for both partially sighted & blind people of all ages & abilities. It offers the ability to magnify & enhance reading material in a variety of viewing modes whilst simultaneously reading it out loud (with the KeyPad Feature Pack).

Perfect for reading books, newspapers, magazines, post, bank statements, food packaging, medicines, tins & much more.

The ReadEasy Evolve MAX has been specifically designed to be as simple as possible to set up and use. It features an integrated foldable carrying handle making it effortless to move from room-to-room.

It has a detachable camera for easy transportation & both the camera and the optional KeyPad Feature Pack stow neatly inside the back of the unit.

The camera positions easily for up to A3 capture. The retractable tab enables users to align A3 documents by touch alone.

ReadEasy Evolve MAX could be the ideal system for you if you:

  • Are finding it difficult to read with a magnifying glass
  • Would like to be more independent and be able to read your own documents (post, newspapers, bills etc.)
  • Have a learning or reading difficulty
  • Find reading with a video magnifier too difficult because you can't fit enough characters on the screen to read at your desired speed
  • Find the constant movement of text on video magnifiers' screens make you tired or nauseous
  • Already have a reading machine but wish it was faster, more accurate and had more features, (available with additional Feature Pack).
  • Have a degenerative eye condition and would like a system that is suitable both now and for the future
  • Would like to be able to read in more than one place

What are the ReadEasy Evolve MAX's benefits?

ReadEasy Evolve MAX features many benefits over other scanner and digital capture reading machines including:

  • Only portable standalone reading machine capable of capturing A3 (tabloid) sized documents
  • Accuracy: NEW! - Improved accuracy on all sizes of documents placed on patterned surfaces
  • Camera - NEW! - 18MP high resolution camera provides the best possible image for the most accurate text-to-speech
  • IntelliCapture: Prevents capture when a document is being moved (e.g. turning the page of a book).
  • Capable of reading both simple & complicated material & down to 6pt text
  • Reads text in any orientation (360 degrees)
  • Analyses complicated page layouts to identify columns & pictures with ease
  • Object capture: Largest available depth of field for capturing thick objects (boxes, cartons, tins etc.)
  • Simple to use:
  • With the push of a single button the ReadEasy Evolve MAX photographs printed text and within seconds, begins reading it out loud. Letters, bank statements, books, recipes, product packaging etc. are all read with ease
  • Clear, tactile and extremely responsive controls
  • Its large dedicated volume slider makes it easy to instantly adjust volume
  • Languages: Supports 30+ languages with automatic language detection
  • Voices: The latest friendly and human sounding voices with fully adjustable reading speed
  • Automatic Table Detection: For the first time ever, blind users can fully understand and read tables. Automatic heading detection combined with row and column notifications let users understand the information in a particular cell and know exactly where they are in the table. Ideal for bank statements, timetables etc.
  • Lighting: Powerful LED lighting allows capturing in poorly lit areas or complete darkness
  • Sound:Loud, clear, stereo speakers
  • Stereo headphones included for private listening
  • Portability: Integrated carry handle & detachable camera for easy transportation (stows inside)
  • Lifetime free updates: Easy to update via USB memory stick

  • Add-ons:
  • Keypad Feature Pack: Adds additional functionality
  • Padded rucksack: for safe and easy transportation

    • For blind users: The tactile Wireless Control Pad with multi-year battery life enables additional features; multi-page document capture, navigation control, and the ability to; save, load, import, export and bookmark documents. The dedicated 'multipage'; button enables reading long documents without interruption whilst the unique navigation dial allows quick word-by-word navigation for rewinding or fast-forwarding of text if something was not heard or fully understood. Includes magnetic simplifier.
    • For partially sighted users: The ReadEasy Evolve connects to any TV or monitor to magnify (over 100x), enhance & display documents, whilst reading them aloud. The control pad's integrated joystick makes sliding documents around under the camera a thing of the past; read faster and more comfortably than with a video magnifier. ReadEasy Evolve fully supports touch-screens; pinch to zoom, effortlessly pan around & tap on a word to start reading. 6 enhanced text views with the ability to fully customise the cursor size, spacing, highlighting etc. for your individual requirements. Additional guidance available with on-screen help. The PowerRead feature for avid readers enables immediate reading of multiple pages. Listen to & navigate the first page immediately whilst the remaining pages can be captured automatically in the background. The ReadHere feature only reads the parts of a document that are of interest. Click or press on your chosen word in Live Mode to capture the text & start reading from that word. This eliminates the text always being read to you from the beginning, saving time and frustration.