Portable camera reading systems

ReadAnywhere Lite's Features

ReadAnywhere Lite's main features are listed below:

High portability

Weighing a third of desktop scanner based reading machines (3.0kg or 6.5 lbs), the ReadAnywhere Lite can easily be transported from room to room or further with its included carry case.

Run from batteries

ReadAnywhere Lite can run from batteries for up to three hours without being recharged. This makes it ideal for those reading on the go or simply reading in a different room.

Tactile keypad with overlay

ReadAnywhere Lite's high contrast keypad provides tactile feedback in operation making it easy to locate and press the correct button. It also includes a clip-on overlay which reduces the number of controls to just four, for even simpler operation. This overlay also has uniquely shaped cut-outs to further aid location of the buttons.

ReadAnywhere Lite's tactile keypad with high contrast buttons and raised keys ReadAnywhere Lite's keypad with overlay fitted.
ReadAnywhere Lite's high contrast
tactile keypad
ReadAnywhere Lite's keypad with
overlay fitted

ReadAnywhere Lite's keypad also means you don't have to hunch over the machine to use it - simply sit back and control the speaking of your documents from the comfort of your chair.

Three ways to listen

ReadAnywhere Lite features intergrated speakers as standard. However, for high volume, a pair of high quality mains powered speakers are also included. Alternatively, simply plug in the included headphones for private listening.

No awkward menus

Unlike systems with complicated menus, all of ReadAnywhere Lite's main features are accessible by their own dedicated button, greatly simplifying its control.

Clear status announcements never leave a user wondering what is happening.

High Speed Scanning

Typical scan-to-read times of just 25 seconds so you're not left waiting for long periods.

Advanced help system

ReadAnywhere Lite uses the same intuitive key-describe help system as the ReadEasy2. Just press the help key, then press any other key on the keypad to hear what it does. When you've found the key you need, simply press it again.


Each ReadAnywhere Lite reading machine comes with extremely natural sounding, high quality, voices for the chosen language. Please ask your distributor for full details.


ReadAnywhere Lite is available in most European languages. Please contact us for details.

ReadAnywhere Lite's headphones with in-line volumne control.

ReadAnywhere Lite's Included Accessories

ReadAnywhere Lite comes with the following accessories included as standard:

  • High quality carry case with space for the ReadAnywhere Lite, charging cable, headphones and documents.
  • External mains powered speakers for increased volume.
  • Comfortable over ear headphones with in line volume control.