Portable camera reading systems

ReadAnywhere diagonal front on image.

ReadAnywhere - replace your laptop with a portable scanning and reading machine

What is ReadAnywhere?

ReadAnywhere is a fully functional desktop reading machine but in a completely portable package.

Weighing just 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs), ReadAnywhere can be taken anywhere and even used anywhere thanks to its 3 hour battery life.

What are ReadAnywhere's benefits?

  • Replace your laptop: ReadAnywhere can be used as your PC as well. Load your favourite screen reading software, connect USB and Bluetooth devices as well as connecting via standard wireless and it can completely replace your laptop!
  • Portable scanning and reading: Desktop reading machines only let you read in one place. With ReadAnywhere you can literally read anywhere you need to. With its lightweight construction it can easily be carried to wherever you need to read.
  • Long battery life: ReadAnywhere runs from batteries for 3 hours between charges so you can be truly mobile.
  • Integrated keypad: For true portability, ReadAnywhere has a custom designed high contrast tactile keypad built into its lid so there's no need to plug in a separate cable.
  • Small size: ReadAnywhere is much smaller than any other scanner based reading machine thanks to its specially chosen components, so it takes up less space as well as weighing less.
  • High speed scanning: Despite its compact size, ReadAnywhere's typical scan to read time is just 20 seconds - faster than some desktop units!
  • Four high quality voices as standard: Each ReadAnywhere (UK and US version) comes with four high quality natural sounding voices.
  • Store your documents: ReadAnywhere is capable of storing over half a million documents that you can retrieve from its memory at any time.
  • CD playing and burning: ReadAnywhere allows the playing of any audio CD format including Daisy and MP3 CDs. Documents can also be saved directly to CD in either MP3 or standard CD audio format allowing you to listen to them on any standard CD player.
  • Import and Export your documents: Import text documents to read aloud and export your scanned documents to either the included CD or MP3 player.
  • Who is ReadAnywhere for?

    ReadAnywhere is ideal for business users who need the simplicity and accuracy of a scanner based reading machine on the move. With the ability to use it as your laptop as well, it becomes a great multifunction tool. Moving it from room to room, home to office, on holiday or even reading in bed becomes easy!