Portable camera reading systems

Helix HD's Features

Easy to set up

Helix HD Cover Image

Helix HD is simple to set up, just take the unit out of its box, unfold the unit, then plug it into the wall and the monitor. You will then need to flick the rocker switch and Helix HD will start on it's own, and once there is a picture on the screen the Helix HD is ready.

Easy to use

With a specially designed wireless control pad, comprising of only 6 buttons, Helix HD is very easy to use.
The control pad comes with a magnetic overlay to further simplify; reducing the controls to just 2.

Keypad Image


You can use Helix HD for reading:

  • Books
  • Post
  • Bank statements
  • Newspapers / magazines
  • Product packaging
  • Product instructions
  • Recipes
  • And much more!

Size, Weight and Portability

Helix HD is one of the smallest, lightest and best value for money, laptop video magnifiers on the market.

Helix HD's Included Accessories

Helix HD comes with the following accessories included as standard:

  • Helix HD Bluetooth Keypad
  • Helix HD Bluetooth Keypad Overlay
  • Carry Case (Optional)
  • HDMI Lead
  • Power Lead
  • Instruction Manuals