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12/04/2023: Readit Software version 5.4.2 is released!

We are pleased to announce the newest version of Readit Software has arrived, Readit v5.4.2!

Included in this update are some improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improvements
  • Improve parsing sentences with footnote references
  • Improve page deletion performance
  • Improve keypad battery level announcement behaviour
  • Improve selection of reading language for sentences
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fix missing interface speech events
  • Fix spelling words from wireless keypad
  • Fix crash on overlay view
  • Fix crash when Bluetooth adapter is disabled
  • Fix crash when explicitly repairing keypad
  • Fix crash from invalid speech events
  • Fix crash when navigating during page splitting
  • Fix crash when deleting pages
  • Fix crash detecting dropped frames from Scholar HD
  • Fix crash on Third-Party Licenses Dialog
  • Handle timeout when communicating with existing Readit instances