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07/04/2015: Voice Packs 2.6.2 released

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Version 2.6.2 voice packs for use with the Readit, ReadEasy and Lex software.

All users who have the current 2.4.4 Voice packs eligible for install.

The new voice packs are a lower bitrate (16 bit) and so keep the same quality, but are much smaller in size. This now means they take up less space on your computer and also means we can now provide some Ivona voices on the install DVD's we provide with the Readit software.

In this upgrade of our Voice Packs, we now provide Norwegian Ivona Voices too.

If you own a currently licensed set of voice packs you can just upgrade by installing these voices straight over the current ones you have, and they'll be licensed straight away then.

If you don't own a licence for these voices already, you can download them below and you'll get an application called 'Voice Licence Manager'. You can try out these voices for personal use and then they cost £80 per voice if you decide you like them, and we can then licence them for you.

You can download these voices from the link: Voice Pack Download Link