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02/01/2013: VisionAid Keypad Launched

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our newest accessory for the Readit and Lex software, the VisionAid Keypad.

The VisionAid keypad is our first completely custom designed USB keypad that gives users full, tactile control of the Readit and Lex software packages in one compact and easy to use accessory.

Some of the VisionAid Keypad’s unique features include:

  • Accessible, custom shaped buttons for low vision and blind users
  • Dedicated and constant control, even when another application is in focus - this greatly improves background reading capability, improving productivity
  • Thin and light design for maximum portability

The VisionAid Keypad is available for order now and pre-orders have already been shipped.

For full information, please see the VisionAid Keypad product page.