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21/09/2012: ReadEasy Move launched

We're proud to annouce the launch of our latest standalone text-to-speech digital capture reading system - the ReadEasy Move. This unit replaces our fastest selling standalone system, the ReadEasy+ with immediate effect.

The ReadEay Move maintains all of the features that made the ReadEasy+ a class leading reading machine but has the following improvements:

  • The ReadEasy Move's case is now 53% smaller.
  • ReadEasy Move's time to read, is, on average, 25% faster. This equates to just 4 seconds.
  • ReadEasy Move starts up in under 25 seconds - this is over twice as fast as the original ReadEasy+. This is thanks to their higher performance and reliability solid state storage drives.
  • ReadEasy Move now weighs just 1.80 kg (4.0 lbs). This is a 25% reduction in weight from the ReadEasy+ and makes the ReadEasy Move one of the lightest standalone reading systems available.
  • All ReadEasy Moves include a custom carry case which makes it easy and safe to move between locations.

For full information, please see the ReadEasy Move product page.