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26/07/2012: Lex 1.1.0, Readit 3.1.0 & ReadEasy+ 4.1.0 software released

Some exciting new software features have been added to our Lex, Readit and ReadEasy products.

It's a free upgrade for all users on the same major version. This includes advanced character and word spacing, crop-to-text function (helpful with document export in certain situations) and original page orientation information. It also includes support in Lex and Readit for our upcoming dedicated keypad which further enhances their background reading capabilities.

Update instructions are being sent out early next week so please do contact us if you haven't received yours by the end of the week, providing us with your unit's serial number.

Please see the release notes contained in your product's support page for more information and do contact us if you have any questions.