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31/01/2012: Readit 2.4.0 and ReadEasy+ software update released

Readit 2.4.0 and ReadEasy 3.2 software has now been released. Update emails to all customers are being sent out today. If you have not received yours, please contact us letting us know your product serial number.

Please note, these currently only include English menu translations.

Please see the list below for headline new features and improvements and do contact us if you have any questions or would like more information:

ReadEasy+ and Readit

  • Virtual X/Y rotation: easily rotate Virtual X/Y mode by just presssing the letter "r".
  • Enhanced greyscale mode: a more advanced two colour greyscale mode has been implemented offering even better image quality for viewing and magnifying hand written documents.

Readit only

  • Online activation server: simply enter your product serial number and select "Activate" - no more emailing activation codes!
  • Recent documents: access your last 10 documents quickly and easily using the recent document menu.
  • ZoomText 10 support: Readit is the accesibility software to officially support ZoomText version 10 in split-screen mode.
  • New keyboard accelerators: users can now cycle their open documents, delete their current page and jump instantly to the beginning and end of their documents.