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16/03/2011: ReadEasy+ Keypad, Low Vision and Low Vision Touch packs now available with the release of version 3.0.0 ReadEasy software

User's can now customise their ReadEasy+ experience by choosing one of three different feature packs, depending on their requirements.

Keypad Feature Pack

This enables many more advanced features for the ReadEasy+ including:

  • Save documents: Store 100,000 pages in ReadEasy+'s internal memory.
  • Multi-page documents: Capture entire chapters or even whole books and read them back from start to finish, completely uninterrupted.
  • Keypad overlay: A snap-on keypad overlay is included to reduce the number of additional controls for users wanting to gradually learn the extra features.
  • Finer navigation control: With the additional controls on the keypad, you can navigate by letter, word, sentence, paragraph and page.
  • Export documents: Export your documents in MP3, MS Word, RTF, PDF, txt and image formats to USB memory stick or MP3 player.
  • Import documents: Import PDF and image files via USB memory stick to be read aloud.
  • Bookmark documents: Add bookmarks in your documents to easily navigate to particlar sections.

Low Vision Feature Pack

This includes the Keypad Feature Pack together with a large trackball device and enables customisable large print output to a monitor via VGA / DVI together with the following main features:

  • Start reading from where you want to: With a custom size and colour cursor, simply position it over a word and double left click to start reading exactly from where you want to. This is ideal for skipping your own and the sender's address in letters or finiding a particular column of text in an article in a magazine etc.
  • 6 different visualisations: Instantly change between any one of 6 enhanced visualisations of your document to display it exactly as you require. These include image, overlay, column, horizontal, vertical and one word visualisations.
  • Read faster: Users who find reading with a video magnifier and X/Y table difficult may find they will be able to read using the ReadEasy+ Low Vision pack far easier. This is because the text is automatically positioned for them so there's no continual left right movement of a document under a camera and the text is also crystal clear whatever magnification level is used. The lack of continual scrolling also reduces eye fatigue so users can read for longer periods.
  • Easy access toolbar: A large icon toolbar provides quick and easy access to ReadEasy+'s main functions.

Low Vision Touch Feature Pack

This includes all the features of the Low Vision Pack and supports Multi-touch enabled screens. This means users no longer have to have to track a cursor around the screen - they can just see what they want to read and press on it.

  • Touch a word to start reading: Simply double tap on a word on the screen with your finger and ReadEasy+ will start reading to you from that word. Tap anywhere on the screen to pause reading.
  • Pinch zooming: Use two fingers in a pinching movement to zoom in and just do the reverse to zoom out.
  • Finger panning: To move around your document, simply place a finger on the screen and move it around, as if you were sliding the page around on the table.