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12/10/2010: Readit software update v2.0.3 has been released!

v2.0.3 of the Readit software for Readit Scholar has been released.

Please see the list below for headline new features and improvements and do contact us if you have any questions or would like more information:

  • Easy to use Toolbar: We've added a customisable icon size toolbar with all the main controls making Readit even easier to use.
  • Go to Page: You can now navigate directly to a particlar page in your document.
  • Line spacing: Line spacing in Column and Vertical Visualisations is now fully adjustable.
  • Support for Dolphin SuperNova 12: Dolphin have made some excellent improvements to their CCTV API in the upcoming version 12 and we have already built in support for it. If split screen is required, then SuperNova 12 is now definitely the best choice at this time.
  • Page rotation: You can now manually adjust the rotation of pages after they've been captured. This is ideal for archiving photographs or documents with no recongisable text.
  • Image saturation control: You can now adjust the saturation of both live and captured documents to add extra colour to them if required.
  • Performance improvements: Various performance improvements have been implemented.