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19/08/2010: The all new Readit software v2.0 has been released!

v2.0.0 of the Readit software is here. We have completely re-designed our low vision and blindess software for the Readit Scholar. There are literally 100s of new features and improvements, all of which have come from existing Readit Scholar users.

Please see the list below for headline features and improvements and do contact us if you have any questions or would like more information:

  • Speed: Over 3 times faster than Readit v1.1.8. Typical time to read is under 10 seconds.
  • Compatibility:Readit software now works on all XP, Vista and 7 versions (32 and 64 bit) as well as running very well on much lower power machines (e.g. Intel Atom based netbooks).
  • A3 document capture: Readit Scholar is still the only system capable of capturing A3 (double letter sized documents). This is thanks to its 9 mega pixel camera - twice that of competitiors.
  • Unique distance capture: Readit Scholar is still the only product capable of full resolution distance capture. This transforms the way users work with distant objects and text, completely eliminating camera shake and allowing easy tracking and panning using their mouse. Speech output also makes presentations audibly accessible.
  • Higher speed auto capture: Capture entire books in minutes not hours to store them on your computer. Never lug a book around with you again!
  • Split screen support: Full Dolphin and AiSquared split screen support.
  • Automatic language switching: Readit Scholar is the first prodcut to detect up to 17 different languages and change the reading voice automatically, sentence by sentence! This makes it ideal for people fluent in multiple languages and those studying another language.
  • Importing: A superb feature that lets you import any document on your PC - MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, email, images, even awkward PDF files!
  • Exporting: Save your document as a Word, PDF, Image, txt, RTF and even MP3 file straight to your MP3 player!
  • User inferface: A brand new standard Windows interface makes using Readit Scholar so much easier than before.
  • Bookmarks: Quickly add and navigate between bookmarks in long documents which greatly helps navigation.
  • Search: Instantly navigate to any text in your current page or entire document.
  • Many more! This is just the surface of Readit Scholar's new features. Please contact us for full details.