We currently have distributors in:

  • Australia   Australian Flag
  • Austria   Austrian Flag
  • Belgium   Belgium Flag
  • Brazil   Brazilian Flag
  • Canada   Canadian Flag
  • Czech Republic   Czech Flag
  • Denmark   Danish Flag
  • Finland   Finnish Flag
  • France   French Flag
  • Germany   German Flag
  • India   Indian Flag
  • Ireland   Irish Flag
  • Italy   Italian Flag
  • Luxembourg   Luxembourg Flag
  • Netherlands   Netherland Flag
  • Norway   Norwegian Flag
  • Poland   Polish Flag
  • Russia   Russian Flag
  • Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabian Flag
  • South Africa   South African Flag
  • South Korea   South Korean Flag
  • Spain   Spanish Flag
  • Sweden   Swedish Flag
  • United States of America   American Flag

To be put in contact with your local distributor please contact us on sales@visionaid.com.

If you are interested in becoming a VisionAid International Ltd distributor, please contact us.