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Readit FAQ

Does Readit work with Mac OSX?
Readit doesn't work with Mac OSX natively, however, through a piece of software called Parallels you can make it work. This is a piece of software that means you can run Windows and Mac OSX on the same computer, you then use Readit as you would on a Windows PC inside the virtual PC. Tested in July 2016 with Mac OSX El Capitan, Parallels 8 and Windows 10.

Does Readit work with Windows 10?
Readit (Versions 3.5.0 and above) does work with Windows 10, as it does with Windows XP and above.

Can I use Readit on both my home PC and my work PC?
Yes! When you purchase Readit Software, you get a licence with three simultaneous activations, this means you can activate the software three times before you need to contact us to remove some of those licences (if you get a new computer etc.)

Is my language supported in Readit?
To check whether your language is supported in Readit, please refer to the table on the support page.

What products does this software work with?
The Readit software works with our Air Camera, the Scholar, the Scholar HD, the Readit PC, and any other WIA standard scanner.

ReadEasy Move (1 & 2) FAQ

How easy is it to Setup the ReadEasy Move?
ReadEasy Move is incredibly easy to set up, all it requires is a flat surface to place it on, nearby to a plug socket or extension lead. You need to place the unit down on the surface, then plug the power lead into the power brick, then into the plug socket. Then you'll need to insert the power tip into the rear jack on the unit itself. Then it's as simple as pressing the power button on the right hand side of the unit and ten seconds later, ReadEasy Move will announce "ReadEasy is now ready", the unit is then ready for use.

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